Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reading already!

Wonder if Olivia is going to love to read..............

She's probably trying to figure out how to get those pages in her mouth!
All is well with the family.......literally. D and I have finally fully recovered and it's finally enjoyable to have a meal again. The girls are great - they never got sick and we're so thankful for that.
We've heard laughs from both of the girls now. It's hard to tell sometimes if it's intentional but I was playing with Olivia the other night and there was definitely a little laugh. On Monday night, my sister and Carter were over and Carter was taking a bath in our bathtub. He was splashing around like he was swimming and Sofia laughed at him. They've always been "smiley" babies and it's so sweet to hear their little chuckles. Olivia gets so worked up sometimes and you can tell she wants to laugh and she'll start with a little high pitch squeal and then silence but she has this huge grin on her face. Very funny.
Olivia continues with shaking her head "no no no no no" and we continue finding it funny to ask her yes/no questions where the "no" answer is funny. (i.e. Olivia are you ready for a nap? "no no no no no".) She's figured out that she gets quite a reaction when she does this and now shakes her head vigorously while smiling the whole time. Hilarious!
That's about all for now. My busy time at work continues - hence the lack of posting - but we're making it. I can sleep in April - ha!
Until next time!!

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