Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just a couple of pictures of the girls bundled up for a car trip. These suits are huge on them, but they keep them so warm!! Olivia is the first one, Sofia the second one.

All is well with us - nothing too crazy to report. Although....I did get a call this morning from D who sounded....I don't know what word to use. He spent most of yesterday moving furniture out of the living room and steam cleaning the carpet. This morning he called me and said "Well.....for once Barley's not the first one to mess up the newly cleaned carpet............Sofia just threw up all over it." Our girls don't do the "throw up" thing very much but it's quite the event when they do. Funny thing is that they manage to get it all over whatever is around of us, the couch, the carpet.......but never them. Hey - at least we're only changing one of us, right?!?!?!!

We have decided that we're not going to try the sippy cup thing until the girls are better with their hands. As of now they're grabbing on to toys that they want and those toys always find the way to their mouth, but we're going to wait until they're able to hold their bottle. We're also not going to give them crackers or teething toast or start feeding them 3 meals a day of solids. I know it's good for them to get the extra calories from the solids, but they're on a formula especially for preemies that's packed with lots of extra "stuff" by way of nutrients and I'm worried that more solids during the day won't give them enough formula since they only drink half a bottle when eating a solid.I trust our pediatrician completely, but you also have to go with your instincts and ours are telling us the girls aren't quite ready for all of that. I don't tend to think about them not being able to do something because of their adjusted age, but in this case I think the fact that their motor skills are functioning at their adjusted age makes them not ready. They're coming along quite nicely and there's plenty of time for sippy cups so we'll just watch how they do with holding their bottles. As for introducing another solid during the day (which will make them be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner), we take them back to the pediatrician for their flu shot booster in 4 weeks and we'll talk to the doctor then about making sure they're getting enough formula.
That's all for now! Until next time.


Amanda said...

You are so right about following your instincts! When they start teething, those biter biscuits work great because they take a long time for them to eat them.

Megan W said...

You are smart not to start sippy cups yet - they are SO young! When you do decide you are ready, consider doing straw cups instead. Per our speech therapist, sippies are no problem for most kids, but do cause some to have speech delays. Straws can only help strengthen their speech. Not to mention the fact that then you can get a drink for them whereever you are without having to worry about a specific cup.

You actually aren't supposed to get to 3 meals of solids a day until 9 months ADJUSTED, so you have ages. Formula contains everything they need before age 1. Solids are just for practice, not nutrition. They can't consume enough to meet their nutritional needs, so if you give too much, they will cut back on formula and their nutrition is compromised. So you are doing the right thing!