Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More catching up!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we had a special visit from Ben and his parents, C&C. Ben's mommy and I have been friends since homeroom in the 7th grade when Patches, who sat between us per our alphabetized last names, broke her hip. I'm not sure what happened to Patches because I don't think she came back to our school and as long as they placed you in homeroom by your last name, C and I were usually in the same class. We also figured out pretty quickly that we had a majority of our classes together from band classes to Geometry and Algebra and on and on. I think one year we even had a study hall at the same time and ended up working in the library together. You get my point - we go waaaaaay back.

Another funny point, though, is that our handwriting used to be so similar that when we were passing notes in class (......not that we did that very often....that would be rude and would mean we weren't paying attention............) you couldn't tell what I had written and what she had written. Quite funny.

So anyhow! C and I were pregnant around the same time and, as it turns out, Ben is 2 weeks older than Sofia and Olivia. Go figure!! He's quite the cutie, don't you think?!?!

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