Thursday, October 23, 2008


To elaborate on our trip to the follow-up clinic yesterday, I went home and told D that I really was glad I was able to meet him for their appointment. Otherwise, those ladies might have thought that D was raising them all on his own. He probably would have convinced them that he had given birth to the girls as well!! It was quite funny.....after the fact, mostly, but when the PT started asking us questions or telling us activities we could do with the girls D would say "Oh yes - that's exactly what I'M doing at home with them." or "Well.....what else should I do for ___" Was it me or was there extra emphasis on "I"? It could have been me, you might be saying, and you're definitely right. I'm pretty sure there was some mommy guilt driving my selective hearing.....until he was leaning over the girls and gloating.."That's right Sofia... did you hear what she said? She said Daddy's doing a great job with you. Did you hear that, Olivia?"

Me: "Um honey - I'm pretty sure she said that WE were doing a great job...........I'm certain she said we."

D: "Well - I'm talking to the girls just about me. You can tell them that you're doing a good job, too."

Okay then! I did have to put my foot down, though, when he completely cut me off in the middle of a question I was asking to say "Well - they don't really do that anymore. At least all day when I'M with them." Wow!!

It was good, though, to get some positive reinforcement that WE'RE doing all the right things with the girls!!

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Cincerely said...

I'm sure you BOTH are doing a wonderful job with the girls. And in those moments of guilt/jealousy that are bound to happen... just picture D having the PMS/monthly period conversation with them many years from now. That will HAVE to make you smile. ;)