Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Monumental Event

We had a monumental event in my house yesterday. For those of you who don't know my dad, he's a deer hunter, fisherman, golfer, do-anything-he-sets-his-mind-to kind of guy. What he can't handle is anyone, especially kids, choking. He doesn't think kids should be allowed to eat solid foods until they're 30 and even then he doesn't want to be around to see it. Dinner with my nephew is always interesting.....if my Dad has anything to do with it, Carter's food is cut into such small pieces I'm surprised he even tastes anything when he eats. You get my point, right?!

So yesterday dad was visiting and it was time for bottles. I, knowing the answer, asked Dad if he wanted to feed Sofia (whom he was already holding). D was working so I was flying solo until Dad arrived. He quickly declined sure that Sofia would stay sleeping until Olivia was finished and then we would switch. I knew must be the twin thing but if one is eating the other seems to know and wants to eat right then as well! It wasn't 5 minutes into Olivia's bottle when Sofia woke up and realized what she was missing. Remember....Sofia is our drama queen so she needed that bottle right now!!! I was gearing up for the next few minutes of Sofia's fussing when I heard "Well...hand me her bottle and I'll feed her. But if she chokes I'm giving her to you." Did I just hear what I thi..........Nooooooooo...........Really??!!??!!

I don't think I can explain just how monumental this event was! I had to capture it in a picture because my mom and sister just might not believe me! Of course, the whole time he was feeding Sofia I was thinking "Please don't choke....please don't choke." She has a tendency to do that and I think he might have passed out if she did. But she didn't -- he gave her the whole bottle and Papa and baby were just fine! Burping was quite funny too -- he had her over his shoulder and was lightly drumming his fingers on her back. "Andrea - she's not burping." Haha - little flutters tend to not dislodge the gas bubbles from her tummy. His hand did look huge across her little back - I'll give him that - but he did just fine!

I don't think we'll have a repeat performance for quite some time!!!!!

Until next time!

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Cincerely said...

I just love your dad! Tell him & your mom HI from us.