Monday, August 25, 2008

Funny Story and Random Pictures

All is well -- nothing too crazy to report. The girls are doing great. Sofia has started doing this screaming thing.....we're not sure what that's about - but she'll be laying there awake and will start screaming. Eventually it turns into crying and by that time Olivia has joined her. We have invented a new Olympic sport.....synchronized screaming. My sweet baby girls are serious gold medal contenders!! I think Sofia has just wanted a little attention....right now she's laying on my chest sound asleep.

So funny story. Those of you who know D know that he's not the tallest guy around.....he and I are pretty much the same height....and I'm 5' 6". The other day we were looking at something on the internet and it required the input of his height and, without hesitation, he says "Oh I'm 5' 8"" Whaaaaa?? I remind him of my height and how we're the same and he insists he's 5' 8"......."Baby.....that's what it says on my driver's license." He actually said this to me with a straight face!!!!!!!! I said " driver's license says I weigh 1xxlbs and we both know that's not true!!!" He stopped arguing when I offered to pull out the tape measure!!!

Here's some pics of the girls from the last few days.
Until next time!

Love these onesies!! How long do you think it'll take them to start pulling the "She did it!" trick??!! Olivia is the one with the paci.

They're moving into 0-3mo clothes so the wardrobe is expanding! We have all these great clothes they're starting to be able to wear!! Sofia has the paci.

This is how they eat when there's only one adult around for a feeding!

Double trouble for sure!!!!

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Grandma said...

They are beautiful babies!Love,Grandma Ellen