Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pregnancy Brain

I had a severe case of pregnancy brain while awaiting the arrival of our girls.............couldn't do math in my head (well....couldn't do much without my tenkey before pregnancy so what little I could do was totally lost)......couldn't finish my thoughts.....and could never find anything. I totally expected all that to go away once the girls got here...............not so much.

Example...........this evening I was in my living room and had turned down the television so I could make a phone call to my insurance company. I tend to pace when I'm on the phone so I finished the call in the kitchen and when I returned to the living room, I couldn't find the remote to turn the volume on the television back up. Believe me when I tell you I looked EVERYWHERE......between the couch cushions, in the bouncy seats with the baby and on and on. Pregnancy brain, I tell you, and it's stronger than ever. Quite frustrating to someone who is used to having a decent memory. Surely it'll get better.........won't it?!?!?!

Oh well -- I'll just have to deal with it......and hope I don't lose anything permanently. And by the way.........I did find the remote. It was in my purse that was on the couch. I found it when I returned my insurance card to my wallet. Don't ask me how it got in there..........

The girls are doing really well. I took Olivia to see the doctor yesterday - the skin on her face has gotten really dry - and she weighed 6lb 1oz!!!!!! You have to take away a few ounces since they left her clothes and diaper on, but still!! That's almost a pound in a week!! Our little Buddha baby!

Until next time!

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Amanda said...

I found my cell phone... on top of the fridge :-)