Thursday, July 17, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Olivia and Sofia have finally met their cousins. Carter (2 yrs) doesn't yet understand as much as Daniela (4 yrs) does and she has been dying to get to see them, but both of them were hilarious. Here are a few funny things from Daniela's visit:

Me: "You're going to have a lot to teach Olivia and Sofia when they get bigger."
Daniela: "I know.....but we have to find out what language they're going to speak first."
Me: "Well - they're going to speak English and hopefully Spanish."
Daniela: "I'll have to teach them some Greek, too."

When D walked into the room, she ran up to him and said "Tio Daniel they are SOOO cute!"

Daniela was also really wanting them to open their eyes so she could have a picture with their eyes open. I told her it was going to be a while because they liked to sleep alot and they had just eaten. A few minutes later, she says "I just told my imagination that they opened their eyes!!!"


Carter wasn't quite as interested in the babies but he was also quite funny. For the longest time we had been telling him that Aunt Andrea was going to have 2 babies. "2 baties" as he calls them and they are his cousins "Fia" and "Via" (or sometimes Olivia is just "ia") - haha. Last night we told him to run into the other room where Uncle D (we actually call Daniel that - Uncle D) was on the computer and tell him there were 2 babies. He takes off through the kitchen running in that cute toddler way and you hear him in the office: "2 baties! 2 baties! 2 baties!" and then he comes running back into the living room - haha. He's talking so well now but sometimes he still jumbles his words and I love how he still talks to you like he's having a full conversation.

Quite cute!

All is well with us - today marks our first full week home. My mom has been staying with us and D and I both had the same thought...."What on earth are we going to do when she goes back to work???" This morning, we set the alarm clock to make sure we were awake for the 9am feeding......or at least I thought I had set the alarm. The girls have started waking up before their feeding time (we've moved back to the 3-hour schedule from the 4-hour schedule because the girls weren't getting the volume they needed to go that long and also due to some very sound advice (Thanks, M)) but D sat straight up and said "We missed the 9am feeding!" I said, as I turned towards the pack and play next to the bed, "Maybe they're not all that hun.............they're not here!!" I walk downstairs, because let's face it there's only 1 thing that could have happened, and mom was sitting on the couch feeding one of the girls while the other slept next to her. She promised they weren't making that much noise when she took them downstairs......I knew, no matter how sleepy I was, I couldn't sleep through a hungry baby!!

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