Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm still here!

Ah to have a moment's rest when I don't actually want to bury my head under a pillow!! Everyone told me the sleep deprivation was the worst......and I believed them, but one doesn't fully appreciate what that means until you experience it. Of course, I'm sitting here typing with Olivia resting on my chest and it's all worth it.

So.....in addition to some recent pics, I thought I'd dazzle you with what I've learned...............

- There are 30 mL in an ounce (okay so I'm sure I learned that at one point in my life, but let's face it.......when did I ever have a need for that knowledge until now??)

- These girls have D wrapped around their little fingers (this isn't a shock but our conversations go something like...'Baby, I'm trying to XXX for Sofia, but she won't let me!!'.....'Honey you're 45 times bigger than she is - you should win all the time')

- Babies, although maybe it's a preemie thing, rest their tongue against the inside of their top gum..........try getting them to move it when you want to get a bottle in there......and being 45 times bigger really doesn't matter;

- I actually CAN function on 4 hours of completely interrupted sleep;

- Velcro sticks to anything and everything in the dryer (Honey....please velcro the bibs closed before you wash them);

- You get funny looks when purchasing a can of Similac and a bottle of wine at the same time;

- Mylicon is a miracle medicine;

- It's actually possible to be too tired to eat.........or to completely forget to eat;

- The daily newspaper is delivered between 3:00 and 3:15AM;

- Trash and laundry increases exponentially with kids..(okay - so I KNEW that already, but seriously......they eat and sleep.......how is that possible??)

- We're going to be pretty good at this parenting thing.............

- And my new quote for the blog......I never knew my heart could exist outside my chest until I had a child(ren). Love that.

Here are a few pics:
1) Olivia (L) & Sofia (R) ready to leave the hospital
2) Barley meeting his sisters for the first time
3) Thank goodness for those signs!!
4) Olivia says "Mommy...please no more pictures!"
5) D, Sofia and Barley - their favorite resting place
6) Olivia (L) & Sofia (R) in their favorite chairs

Until next time!

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