Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time is going by!

An update for today.......

Sofia: Sofia scared me the night before last. When we got to the hospital the nurse told us they had started compression feeding. Instead of getting so many ml every hour, they had started getting around 23 - 24 ml over a 2 hour period and then an hour to digest before starting over again. Apparently this amount was too much for Sofia. When we were there Tuesday, she spit up several times and I think it got caught in the back of her throat because she started having the apnea / bradycardia (A&B) episodes fairly consistently. She must have had about 7 of them in about 15 minutes. The nurse suctioned out her mouth and nose and they stopped her feeding, deciding to give her an hour of rest and then go back to the continuous feeding. I realized they had made a change to her feeding pattern, but it made me anxious to see her stop breathing so many times. It also made me anxious because, although it was probably the feeding change, it could also have been a sign that she was getting sick. That's how we had to leave her Tuesday night - with the nurse watching her and if she continued to have A&B the nurse was going to discuss with the doctor to determine what to do next. They did put her back on continuous feedings and yesterday and last night she has done well so they're fairly certain her problems were feeding related. She's just going to be a little slower than Olivia on the feeding. Despite the feeding issue, though, Sofia has continued to gain weight and is now passed her birth weight and last night she weighed in at 2lb 11.6oz. I called the NICU this morning and she had a great night with no A&B and no feeding issues. They no longer hear her heart murmur (I can't remember if I posted that before.......excuse the duplication if I have).

Olivia: Has done well with her compression feeding and has been on it for 24 hours now with no problems. They still hear her heart murmur and will do another echo before we take her home to determine the size. Depending on those results, we may have a monthly visit to the cardiologist until they determine it's either small enough to live with or there should be surgical intervention. Still hoping the ductus closes on its own. Last night she weighed in at a whopping 2lb 13.9oz.......getting close to 3lbs!!!!!

D and I are in search of preemie onesies today....they have to be short-sleeve onesies only and my new favorite store (BrU) doesn't carry much for preemie clothing. Hopefully this search will be doctor didn't clear me for regular activities from my visit yesterday and emphasized that I should restrict walking and bending / twisting - ugh. I knew that was coming, though, I feel like my recovery has been a little on the slow side. Ironic.....I think of it as "I just had babies" but should remember it's still major abdominal surgery - ha. Hopefully my complications won't be long-lasting - I go back tomorrow for another check.

Until next time!

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