Monday, June 2, 2008

Kangaroo Care

I got to hold both girls today during our morning visit. We usually tell the night nurse what time we're going to be in the next morning and they coordinate the breaks from the c-pap for our visit. Today we tried kangaroo care -- that's where I hold the babies in my shirt for skin to skin contact. Oh my goodness how good that felt - each girl curled on my chest making little baby noises and resting comfortably. I held Sofia first and I didn't think about paying attention to her body temperature but the nurse was watching and as she was putting Sofia back in her isolette she said I had been a good incubator - haha. I was good with Olivia as well. Here's how they're doing today:

Sofia: She's had a pretty calm 24 hours, healthwise. She's done with her light therapy for jaundice and when they put her back in her isolette after I held her today, they said they were discontinuing the c-pap until she let them know it needed to go back on. She would let them know by having apnea / bradycardia episodes. She continues to tolerate her feedings. When we visited her last night, she was not a happy little girl. She was screaming and she kept pulling at the c-pap prongs that were in her nose (they alternate between the prongs and the mask that covers her nose), but she just could not be consoled. Neither D nor I could stand to leave her in such a fit so we waited until she wore herself out and finally went to sleep. Sofia seems to prefer to sleep on her belly...........that's great except that we're not supposed to let her sleep on her belly once she's home -- it's okay when she's there with all the monitors. We'll figure it out! I know this sounds bad because you don't want your baby to be unhappy, but hearing her cry is a sweet sound - D and I look at eachother and smile. I know that won't last very long especially if we're going to have an unhappy baby a lot when she's home, but we'll take it! Exercise those lungs, little girl!!

Olivia: She's had a more eventful 24 hours. Late last night they realized her PICC line (the IV that starts in her head and goes into her chest) was leaking fluid into her chest area and she had swollen. They did an x-ray to confirm that's what happened and they removed the PICC line. When we saw her today, they had done a new IV in her arm, but they wanted to re-do the PICC line. She's had 2 doses of the indomethicin for her heart murmur (the acronym for the condition is PDA but off-hand I don't remember what that stands for) and was supposed to get the third dose today at 3pm. They were waiting for her to have a wet diaper before they could give her the dose, though, and when we left a little before 2 today she had not yet had one. We'll find out tonight the status of her medicine. They wanted to leave her on the c-pap while she's taking the meds but it's on the lowest setting they have so that's positive news. She had 3 apnea episodes last night while we were there but on all 3 she brought herself back up -- and in her defense she was off the c-pap when they happened. They said she had one more at midnight and had not had any since. Like her sister, she's finished the light therapy.

D and I are hanging in there. We're both very tired and are trying to get ourselves on a good schedule with sleep and going to the hospital and all the other "every day stuff" that has to be done. I seem to be an endless fountain of tears sometimes -- I've heard from several friends and family who have had babies to be prepared for the tears.......but hearing about it doesn't really prepare you for the actual emotions - at least it didn't prepare me. They come at all hours of the day....D says he's more than happy to console me but could I please make the tears come between the hours of 8am and midnight - hahaha. He loves his sleep (that he's already not getting) and he doesn't know quite what to do for me at 4am - hahaha. Of course I only say that to be funny - I could not have asked for a better partner with whom to experience this baby journey (or any journey for that matter). I'm still very much recovering from my c-section and am supposed to basically be on bed rest at home but that's not going as it should........I've done more than I should be doing and I feel like I'm backsliding. D's working hard to get me to slow down. I get so frustrated because, surprisingly, it's been somewhat easy to forget that I was "in bed" for 9 weeks. Not complaining, mind you. Just stating the facts.

That's about all for now. Here are a couple of pictures from today. Sofia is in the white hat and Olivia is in the pink hat. Until next time.

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