Sunday, June 1, 2008

Olivia Claire

All is stable with the girls today. We took grandma and papa (my parents) to visit this morning. Mimi and abuelito (D's parents) visited last night and then D and I went back this evening for another visit. We've not done so well getting on a schedule but I've realized today that I'm trying to do too much so tomorrow we're going to work harder to get in a good routine between resting at home and the hospital.

They've re-started light therapy on both girls and when we got there this evening, Olivia was getting a break from both the lights and the c-pap, although we couldn't hold her. She was wide awake when we got there - this was the longest we've seen her go with her eyes open. Here are a few pictures of Olivia - eyes open, peeking (and with my hand over her head so you can better judge her size) and then a cute one of her just chillin. We were talking to Sofia and I looked back at Olivia and that was how she was laying.

They did an ultrasound of Olivia's heart today looking for a potential heart murmur like they did with Sofia - they didn't have the results ready this evening. Sofia's ultrasound turned out well - a couple of leaky places but nothing they don't expect to heal on its own. Olivia is still tolerating her feedings and has gained 0.4 ounces today while Sofia continues to have issues tolerating her food and has lost just a little bit today. Both girls are still being treated with caffeine to control the apnea.
D and I will be back there in the morning and they're going to try to coordinate their breaks from the c-pap and, if they're stable, we'll get to hold them!! You better believe we'll have the camera on hand!
Okay.....I can barely keep my eyes open. Thank goodness I'm already sitting in bed!! It's my second night home. Last night was odd to me and the hormones (or lack thereof) are definitely kicking in!!! Poor D - I know he's wondering just when I'll stop hurting and crying - haha.
Until next time!

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