Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another good weekend

I'm sitting in the girls' room at the hospital as I write this and I'm listening to other babies crying down the hall.......and I'm watching our girls sleep peacefully. I'm counting the days until they come home.....I just don't know how many I have left to count - ha. We were talking to one if their doctors yesterday and he said they should be home in July........we're just waiting to see when in July.

They've had a good weekend with weight gain and bottles. Olivia should reach 4lbs in the next couple of days and Sofia isn't too far behind, although they are noticeably different in size. Olivia's about 2 inches longer and that makes a huge difference when you don't have too many inches to start with! We give them a bottle once a day and yesterday they took their entire feeding from the bottle. On Friday night their nurse found them wide awake during assessments, although at different times, so she tried a second bottle with them and they both drank the entire bottle. We're getting there! Tonight we'll get another measurement on their length

Olivia's left leg continues to turn out as a result of her position when I was pregnant. They've told us it should correct but we're going to ask them to check her hips before we leave to make sure there are no issues. They are also having us meet with a therapist tomorrow to learn some exercises we can do with her to make sure her leg corrects.

That's about all for now.......until next time.

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