Monday, April 7, 2008

Somebody's Watching Me

Isn't that a Michael Jackson song? "I always feel like.....somebody's watching me" - ha. I've been doing the monitoring since Friday and it's going pretty well. I find at times it gives me peace of mind, but other times it doesn't.

I got a call Thursday night from the company who does the monitoring. Apparently my insurance company doesn't cover home monitoring unless you have triplets or more or you're taking medication to control contractions (because then monitoring from home is cheaper than a hospital stay, I guess). I found that really odd -- throughout this whole "baby process" our insurance coverage has been fantastic and this is the first hang-up that really didn't make sense. But then the lady on the phone told me that my doctor sends them a lot of business. Makes sense....I don't know how many maternal-fetal specialists are in town, but I've only heard his name. So since they really like him, they're doing 2 weeks of monitoring for free. I almost dropped the phone! I paused - longer than I intended - and said "Really?" haha.

So the nurse came out Friday with the equipment and a blood pressure machine. As an aside, D was very excited about the blood pressure machine until he realized his blood pressure is on the high side. Me - yesterday I was a cool 117 / 72 (I'm buffing my fingernails on my shirt as we speak) - haha. So I suggested D make an appointment with the doctor just for a physical and to have them check his blood pressure as well. Let's face it - neither he nor I are professionals so there's room for error (although mine has been around where it always is.....sorry D). Know what he said to that suggestion??? "Yeah...........I don't know about that.....that's a lot of medical stuff....." Um.........excuse me? Preaching to the wrong choir, my dear!!!

So anyway! I have to monitor for contractions twice a day, an hour each - once in the morning and once in the evening. I send the data every morning after the morning monitoring and a nurse calls me and lets me know how many contractions I had the night before and that morning then she asks me questions about how I'm feeling, etc. That's the peace of mind. The nerve-wracking part is when she tells me I've had 4 contractions in an hour. My doctor allows me 5 in an hour and if I had that, I would have to do another hour of monitoring and if there were 5 in that hour, they would call my doctor and he would see me right away (or I'd go to the hospital if it's after hours on the weekend). Even more nerve-wracking is that I don't feel anything. Some contractions are normal.....the uterus is a muscle, after all, but obviously these contractions are contributing to my little problem. I can also use the monitor any time I feel like I'm having contractions and will send it in and the nurse calls me then as well. Peace of mind.

It was a good weekend - had lots of company over which was nice. The nursery is done!!!! It looks so cute. We have to exchange a mattress - it had a puncture in it - so one of the beds isn't made with the bedding. D's doing that today and we'll make the bed (that's we meaning he) and I'll have pictures to put up. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! The furniture was a gift from Olivia and Sofia's grandparents - both sets -and we are so appreciative of that. It's so pretty.

D's last day at the restaurant was Saturday so he's going to be here with me this week so I can stay off my feet for even longer. That makes me feel better. I do really well as it is - my mom takes her lunch hour and comes over and makes me lunch and my aunt or grandmother comes over during the day as well. It's really first thing in the morning where I feel like I need to streamline the process a little more to make the time on my feet as little as possible. D being here this week is a big help. I'm also making his "honey do" list - haha. Hey - he said he wanted to get some things done around the house before he starts his new job.......I didn't take that to mean sleeping in, would you?!?!?!

Okay - that's all for now. Doctor's visit tomorrow so I'll update hopefully tomorrow as well.

Until next time!

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