Friday, April 4, 2008

Birthday Party

Everyone came over for a family birthday party on Tuesday. I must say - while I wasn't planning on celebrating my birthday from my couch, I had a good time. I couldn't go to a party so they brought the party to me! Carter and Daniela were both here and after they got over their shyness with eachother, they didn't want to have anything to do with anyone else. He would take her hand and would walk around the house with her and Daniela would pick him up and carry him back to the living room and sit him in a chair and he would just smile. They were so funny. Dad was with them in the front living room and was playing some of the demo music on D's keyboard and they were dancing around. Quite cute (I heard). D said the next day Daniela came into the restaurant and she said "I had so much fun last night. Carter is soooooooooo cute!!!!" So funny. I've put a picture of them below - you can't see Carter's face because he's drinking, but they sat in that chair and were just smitten with eachother.

Mom asked Daniela if she knew how many babies we were having. She confidently said "Yes. They're having two. 1 now and 1 later." hahahahahaha. I love it!!

That's about all for's Friday and a vacation day for me. I needed it. Sounds funny, doesn't it.......I'm in the recliner for a week and I need a vacation day - haha. I'm attaching another picture of me and Daniel taken Tuesday night. I think I've grown a good bit since the picture of me taken on Easter......and it's only a week and 2 days later. I know it's probably silly to be amazed...there are 2 babies in there whose main job from now until they get here is to grow.......and that means that I grow. I'm more than half way there and I think I'll more than double in size - hahahaha. Oh oh oh - and a rare moment that I'm actually on my feet!!

Until next time!

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