Friday, April 25, 2008

No news is great news, right?!?!

Friday! My first official day of leave from work. I've been lucky to be able to work from home while I was on bedrest there -- it kept me occupied and passed the time. This week, Daniel and I talked about it and felt like it was best for me to stop working. Work hasn't been stressful, but just having to be responsible for deadlines, etc. would continue to get more difficult as I had bad days or doctor appointments. So! Shall we place bets on when the boredom sets in? Only kidding - I'm staying positive. My family all says I seem much more relaxed since I've been here. They're right. Daniel suggested I get the mailing address here and do a little online shopping - just have everything sent here - haha.

So now I find myself with all this free time on my hands -- I can keep the blog updated, etc. -- and I have nothing to write!!!! That's good - no news for us is a good thing. And I can't bore you with the details of my daily meals here at GHS - haha.

They moved me to a different room yesterday -- this one is a little bigger and a little more private. I like to think of it as being know - like what happens when you check in to the Marriott??!! I don't get chocolate on my pillow, but they do wake me up at midnight and at 6am for meds.........that's close, right?!?!?!

Robin and Carter were here for a visit yesterday and after I was settled in my new room, Robin and I were talking while Carter was checking everything out. All of a sudden, my bed started sitting up. I was looking around to see if I was accidentally pushing on any of the 3 panels with the bed controls but I wasn't. Carter had made his way behind my bed and had found other buttons to push and he was moving the bed for me. I was waiting for him to fold me in half - hahaha.

Everything seems to be going well. Dr. G stopped by yesterday and told me he's not going to give me a definite date for when I'll go home.......he said we may just stay here for the next couple of months. I figured as much, but it was still surprising to hear the quantity coming from him. We're settling in for the long haul! We reach 25 weeks tomorrow - well on our way!!

Until next time!

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