Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And the verdict is...........

Stable. No change from Thursday. Woo hoo a small victory!!! Which was quickly forgotten as we looked towards next week - haha. But hey - I'll take it. He told me to keep doing what I'm doing - I'm doing everything right. We talked about how I've been feeling, what the results of the home monitoring have been, etc. and my charge for this coming week is to keep with the strict bed rest and to pay attention for any changes in how and what I feel. He told me not to feel bad if I need to call them and come in, or if I need to go to the hospital - better safe than sorry. He also gave me a copy of my medical record to have with me in the event I needed to make a trip to the hospital. That was a little unnerving, but also the smart thing to do.

Ha - I did hear him talking to the nurse outside the room where we were waiting. She was reminding him that I had the home monitoring this week and all next and no more unless I needed to be on meds to help control the contractions. His response "Oh that won't be a problem - she'll probably need meds by then" . It's okay, though. He did tell me that when I reach 24 weeks, if I start feeling changes or more contractions, he'll put me in the hospital for observation to make sure they get everything under control before (hopefully) going home again. They'll also start me, I think, on steroids to boost the babies in anticipation of an earlier delivery. A little scary to think about, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So! Next appointment is Monday. Quick aside.......since I have my regular OB visit on Monday, he suggested I have an ultrasound for measurement at her office so I wouldn't have to get out twice in one week. So the nurse at the front called my OB's office, they were going to schedule the ultrasound at 2:30 and then would ask the doctor to "fit me in" after that instead of my standing 4:10 appointment. I was sitting at her window so I could hear her telling the other nurse at the OB's office that she knew how my OB didn't like to overbook her schedule - she sounded skeptical. So I asked her what my options were.......it was either a) see another doctor there (whom I happen not to like); b) go for the ultrasound at 2:30 and hope they fit me in...or run the risk of having to sit there until 4:10; or c) ultrasound at the specialist office and OB appointment at regular time. So we opted for C and scheduled the appointments back to back. When she called my OB back to change, come to find out, they weren't going to be able to fit me in. Can you imagine how happy I would have been to get there at 2:15 and then have to sit there until 4:30 (or later....let's face it - how often are they right on time?!?!)????????????? Not so much!

Funny story now and then I'll be done. The doctor told D that, from now on, when we get to the office D should come in and get the wheelchair to bring me in and then take me back out. So our first practice was getting me out of the office in the wheelchair.......that was quite funny, let me tell you! D's a pretty good driver but going out of the main door, the doorknob caught in the belt loop of his jeans so he had to figure out how to get out of that one (with an audience...there was a couple in the waiting room watching - ha) and then he stopped me to get the car so I could just get out of the chair (we had parked in an end space so there was a flower bed by my door). He put on the brakes.......or so he thought......only for me to start rolling down the sidewalk as he started walking away. We were quite the site outside, I must say, definitely novices with the wheelchair!!!

Okay....hope everyone is doing well! Keep in touch and until next time..........

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