Sunday, September 24, 2006


vacation is over and I'm already looking forward to the next one!! We've had a great week --- we got to NYC on Saturday and home on Wednesday afternoon. NYC was fun and Daniel really enjoyed it.......I wasn't sure what he would think, but over breakfast one morning we talked about how cool it would be to live there.......hmmmmm. Nah -- I couldn't leave the space of our house and Daniel couldn't leave Barley - hahaha! So no worries....we're in Greenville to least for the time being -- one never knows!

What did we do in NYC............on Sunday night we saw The Blueman Group.....that was a neat show - neither of us had ever been but heard from several people that it was neat - we weren't disappointed. They were very interactive with the audience (it was a very small theater) and one of them even stood on my chair to dance - ha! Monday night we saw was entertaining, but a little more abstract than I was expecting. Before the show I was talking to a lady from Texas and she kept telling me about how she had tried to get tickets to see a taping of Oprah the last time she was in NYC...........ummm okay. I didn't correct her (Oprah tapes in Chicago, not New York). However - our talking didn't make her more considerate of her seat mates......she was popping her gum during the performance until I asked her to stop - haha. They moved seats at intermission. Anyway!! Rent was entertaining and the singing was fantastic.

Tuesday is when we saw a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman -- I think that was our favorite activity while we were there (although shopping on 5th Ave. was a close second for me - haha!). Patrick Dempsey was a guest and our seats were great. They have the taping down to a science and only had to do a re-take once. The whole process was really neat. While we were in line, they handed out papers to fill out with a funny story, collection that you may have, photo with a celebrity, etc. for a chance to appear on a future taping. Stay tuned - we may be heading back up there for our television debut - hahahaha!

Outside of the shows, we did a lot of walking and sightseeing. We went to Chinatown and Little Italy. In Chinatown, the ladies sneak up next to you and ask you "You wanna purses? Coach? Louis Vuittan? Follow me" Daniel wouldn't let me follow them into the dark alleys and the hidden rooms in the regular stores so I had to visit the real store - ha! There was a street festival going on in Little Italy so that was neat to see. Daniel had his first ride on the Subway and we walked 20 miles for cupcakes from a famous bakery that I had heard about....but Daniel was a trooper! He walked and walked and walked.

We did tons more, but those are some of the highlights. I think we'll go back at some point - I think the next vacation will be out to Jackson Hole, Montana for a wedding (yay, Jennie!!)

The rest of our vacation was spent working in the yard - we have now become landscapers, but I actually enjoyed it. Yard work has never been my favorite, but I think I'm changing. We did some planting, put in some solar lights and a retaining wall around the flower bed. I'll post some pictures! I keep saying that, but as soon as I finish this post, I'm heading out with the camera to snap some pics and I'll post those and NYC!

'Til next time!

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