Wednesday, May 3, 2006

House - May 3rd

I know, I know --- I was just there this past weekend.......don't laugh when I tell you that this was my third trip since the weekend.....I just didn't have my camera with me - haha! Here are some updated pics of the house. We actually met some of the people from the neighborhood while they were walking this evening -- everyone was so nice.

Here's the latest -- we have a roof! I'm still amazed at how fast they work. Everything seems pretty sturdy, though -- haha! We didn't order the "skylight" - I'm guessing that's how they get from inside the house to the roof. I can't confirm that - I've not yet pitched my tent on the lot like I'm sure Daniel is expecting me to do -- haha!! The garage on the left has 3 windows in it as well.

I've not taken too many pictures of the's hard to see when the drywall isn't up, but this looking into our morning room. From here, the kitchen is to the right and the family room is to the left.

This is standing in the kitchen looking into the family room. The morning room is to the right and the hall to the front door is on the left. That's the newly-placed fireplace on the far wall. The doorway that you can see on the left is the entrance to the laundry room which has a door to the garage.

Back of the house.

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