Saturday, June 30, 2012 anyone there??

{tap tap tap} this thing on? Ahem.  

Well hello there! Remember us? I know....I know. It's been a long time, right? And I must say it's been an insanely busy past couple of months.....and unfortunately my itty bitty piece of the internet has been neglected. What better way to get re-started than with some bullets about our crazy life.

  • We've moved! That should be enough said to cover the craziness, right?! We (um. well someone else) packed up our house and headed just a little north to a bigger city.....

  •  We spent a whole weekend unpacking boxes.....

  • We're pretty much unpacked now....just a few stragglers here and there. And now I have a huge urge to paint. Since our house was a new construction, the walls are so.....sterile! Eggshell, eggshell everywhere. We initially planned on using the first weekend to have someone come in and paint all the common areas (family room, kitchen, foyer, hallways) -- I'm so glad we didn't. At some point in time during the construction process, a nail went through a bundle of wires within the wall and we didn't have cable or telephone to places on one wall of the house. I came home from work one afternoon to find holes cut all in the walls and ceiling on all floors of the house. It's all fixed now.....but it would have been a harder fix had they been cutting in to my nice new painted walls!
  •  The weekend after we moved in, the big girls turned 4. FOUR. I can't believe it. We drove back home and celebrated with family and Cinderella! I'll have to do a separate post on that once I've loaded the pictures from our "big" camera. Pictures these days seems to be primarily on the iPhone / iPad. 
  • We're loving where we live. Love the house. Love the neighborhood. Love the area. We've been making an effort to get out and try new things.....

  • I still find myself looking around our house not believing that we actually moved and are in a different state. It feels like home and I certainly see all of our things - but sometimes I look around and it still feels so new. It has only a month and a half that we've been here! 
  • Funny story. The first night we spent in our new house, Bella woke up crying in the middle of the night. She rarely does that so when it happens (and D would argue when I actually hear it), I usually jump out of bed quickly - usually because I've been startled out of sleep. So in our old house, our bed was against the wall and on the wall across and to the right was the doorway to the hallway. So that first night when Bella started crying, I jumped out of bed, ran around the foot of the bed and straight out the door on the wall across and to the right. I stopped suddenly.....because I was now in my closet - haha!
  • We're also loving our sidewalks! We didn't have sidewalks in our old neighborhood so it's been nice to have a safer place to walk and ride!

  • Of course now that it's a million degrees outside, there's not much by way of outdoor activity - but the sidewalks will still be there when it cools off! (Can concrete melt?)
  • Our neighborhood pool is awesome. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. It's like a mini-water park. There are 2 pools -- one for swimming laps and other free swim, and another that has a side with zero-depth entry, a big mushroom that pours water over it, another contraption that has flowing water filling up buckets -- and when the buckets get full, they tip over and pour the water out into the pool. The other side of this pool has 2 waterslides. Seriously. Waterslides in a neighborhood pool. It's crazy! There's also full time lifeguards and a snack bar. We love it and I can see many afternoons spent here!
  • The girls are doing great......growing like weeds. They're full of smiles and tears and giggles and drama and laughter and sass. We're also getting more and more questions about our triplets.........

  •  D keeps talking about Bella's first haircut. So far I've managed to put him off. I know once we cut off those sweet baby waves, she'll be looking more like a toddler. And I'm not ready for that!
  • Miss Sofia is currently battling a round of pneumonia. You may remember when she was sick before and we spent a few days in the hospital with them trying to figure out if it was pneumonia or not. They've determined it is pneumonia this time and thankfully she's been responding to medicine from the pediatrician's office and we've not had to deal with the hospital. I wonder if she's just always going to be susceptible to being that sick. I sure hope not. She's quite pitiful. We went to our new pediatrician for their 4-year wellness visit and walk out with one unhappy kid from 4-yr vaccinations....and another kid with a pneumonia diagnosis. We've been back 2 more times and Sofia's received 4 shots. We're hoping she's starting to turn a bit of a corner and get her appetite back. For now there's been a lot of laying around on the couch for her while Olivia and Bella have been taking over the house.
  • For their 4-year appointment, Olivia weighed 32.6lbs and was 39 1/2" tall. Sofia weighed 28.8lbs and was 39" tall. Sofia isn't usually that far behind but she's not been eating well for most of a week so she's lost some weight. I was so tempted to ask them to weigh and measure Bella just to see how close she is!
  • Speaking of Miss Bella-Bella. She's getting so big! And has an equally big personality.  She has that baby giggle that I love and she breaks it out often. But she can also be quite moody! And oh my goodness is she talking up a storm!! I know it's because she has 4 people to learn from (and trust me. There is no shortage of talking in this house!!) but we're constantly amazed at what comes out of her mouth. She follows Olivia and Sofia everywhere and repeats everything they say. She's using quite a few complete sentences. Funny story......we were at the pool and an older gentleman came down the waterslide. Bella was watching him as he walked across the pool and she was going "Hi Papa!" and waving. Over and over. I finally said "Bella - that's not Papa" and she goes "Yes it is!!" so loud and clear --- it was hilarious. She's as cute as can be -- don't you think?????

  • I won't say to consider yourself caught up because I've got several posts in my head about the past couple of months....and I'll get to them......but it's a good start, no?! We're in a new place......getting all settled. Oh. And we've found comfort food!

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Cincerely said...

Glad the move went well and you managed to find your way back to your blog. haha. So sorry to hear Sofia is sick. I can't believe how much Bella has grown! Hope the summer is great!!