Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool

That would be me. The April Fool. Shocking, right? I love a story from when I was born.....apparently my dad had been giving my grandmother (mom's mom) a hard time about my arrival so when I finally did arrive.....on April Fool's dad called her and told her I was here. And she hung up on him just after telling him to call back when I really was there. 

It was a great day --- we had a birthday celebration at our house with family and it was really nice. Beautiful weather meant the kiddos could play outside in the back yard -- a nice relaxing day. Exactly how I wanted to spend my 29th my thirty-ahem-th birthday!

It was funny -- we had lunch and of course Olivia and Sofia didn't finish everything on their plates before they got up declaring "I'm done" and "I'm full". I was with Olivia and she goes "Mommy -- I don't have room for corn or green beans or mashed potatoes.......I have to leave room for CAKE." Smart kid, no?

Funny --- D and I were talking before everyone arrived and I was saying I had a great April Fool's joke........I was going to take one of the ultrasound pictures from when I was pregnant with Bella and wrap it up and let my mom open it. We laughed hysterically at the reaction we would get from our families. We decided there would probably be some people who hit the floor before we could tell them it was a joke so we ultimately decided against it. But it was a great thought, right!?!!!!  ha.

And now to leave you with a couple of pictures.........

I'm really liking this picture of me and D.......

Me and my girls.........
Best. Birthday. Yet.

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