Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bella's big day!

We've had a big day around here...........

The big girls spent Saturday night with Grandma and Papa so Bella got to enjoy being the complete center of attention this weekend. Wait. Bella's always the center of attention........aaaanyway! So this morning D and I decide to practice her walking. Bella's an excellent cruiser along all the furniture....and I even caught her cruising down the wall in the hallway.....but when we've tried to get her to stand up on her own, she's been really unsteady on her feet. There's been a lot of practicing with holding her hands and walking, and today we decided to give it a try to let her walk between the two of us.

I think she did a pretty good job, no?!!!!!!!!

And she's so proud of herself! At first when she was walking, she would lean forward while we were holding her so she would fall forward into our arms. So then we stood her up and let her lean up against she could stand up and get her balance on her own. It was hilarious --- we would stand her up and let her lean on us and would say "Ready.......set......." and she would say "Gooooooooo!" and lean forward and start walking! She went all 5 or 6 steps to cover the distance between us and the more she did it, the more stead she became on her feet.

She still has a little ways to go.....and she definitely still prefers crawling to walking, but this will help her really get steady on her feet. And besides.....who doesn't love a nice game of "Ready....set.......Gooooooooo!"

I'm so glad she decided today was the day to take her first steps! I've been traveling a ton the last couple of months and I can't stand the thought of missing out on that big day!

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