Monday, September 19, 2011

Mommy we love bubbles!

Bubbles are, by far, one of our most favorite outdoor activities. Usually it involves me blowing them and the girls chasing them down and popping them. " have to make the biggest bubbles!" Have you tried blowing bubbles over and over and over??!! Makes me dizzy! So I figured it was time the girls started blowing their own bubbles. So we've been practicing....and practicing.....and practicing!

I think Livie got more in her mouth than she did in the bubbles....but that's okay! I kept trying to explain to her how to blow air out of her mouth and she kept going "Ffffffffffffffffffffff" Quite cute, and often it worked. See.........

And Miss Sofia got the hang of it pretty quickly as well.......

Love love love the cheeks puffing out!

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