Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy(ies)

We've given the Jeep a try a few times.......and they finally got the hang of steering. So now instead of going straight.....we go in circles. But that's okay because at least I'm not chasing them down the driveway. Or backing them out of a flower bed they couldn't avoid. I think it's been all that practicing we've had from having the big wheels inside the house...and riding around and around and around the island in the kitchen.

It's funny - typically Olivia is the follower, but when it comes to the Jeep, she's usually in the driver's seat and Sofia is content to ride. Although. I realized quite a bit later.....every time Olivia is behind the wheel, it's Sofia who is pushing the pedal to make them go.

I love how Olivia looks like she's flipping her hair in this one......

Sofia did get a turn at the wheel every now and then. "Mommy. Bella wants to ride with me!"

See how Bella's little right arm is stretched out? That's because on the end of that cute little arm(yeah. I'm so laughing at "little" and "Bella" in the same sentence, too!) is a big ole' adult making sure she doesn't fall out. That's the only way we roll. Oh stop it!

The funniest part was when the big girls would circle by me and go "Look, Mommy! We're cutting the grass!!"

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