Friday, May 27, 2011

Third birthday celebration

We celebrated the girls' third birthday with a trip to the GA Aquarium and we had the best day!! We weren't sure how the girls would like it.....and they were a little overwhelmed at first with all the people around and with the fish coming so close, but once they figured out the fish were behind glass, they had a blast! As Olivia said....."Grandma! I'm not scared anymore!"

Grandma and Papa went with us, too, which made it even better!!

Family picture

Sofia & Mommy looking at the fish swimming over our heads

Looking at all the fish

Olivia (love this picture!)

Am I seeing double......double??!!!
This picture was just crazy with how it turned out. The girls were walking along a ledge at one of the windows and I snapped the picture thinking they were going to be turning around so I could get them standing together. It wasn't until after I had already taken it that I realized I had their reflection in the window of the tank.

After we got home, we had family over for cake. I thought the cakes turned out way cute.....we had the bakery cut a sheet cake diagonally to make 2 cakes.
Sofia blowing out her birthday candle
Olivia and her birthday cake
The girls were adamant about having a strawberry theirs had a layer of strawberry between the cake -- yum!

It was a great day and everyone has fallen happily into bed. The "official" birthday party comes Sunday so we need to rest up tomorrow!!

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