Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spoke too soon; or.....first tooth!

I was talking to my friend J today and I mentioned how there wasn't a tooth in sight in Isabella's sweet little mouth. And you know what. I was okay with that! And you know what else? I was totally wrong. [insert crazy Mommy tears here]. I was checking her little gums out while she happily chewed on my finger and there it was. Just the slightest bit of her bottom tooth already showing through her gums. My baby......sniff, sniff.......has a tooth coming in. It can't be!!!!!!!
Okay so there actually weren't tears. But can someone please tell me what's going on around here?? First Bella's rolling around here like she owns the place.......then she goes and gets her first tooth. And if that weren't enough.......the big girls are all trying to turn three on Friday. THREE.

I could totally cry!

Funny how different it is, isn't it? With O&S, we were doing cartwheels over every.single.milestone. Hoping for the day the first roll would happen. Ecstatic over that first tooth. Waiting anxiously for those first steps. And now?

Bella. You listen to your Mommy. Stop all this growing. Right this instant.

Well. Except for the rolls. Grow all of those you want!
Um. Those are totally crumbs of something on the floor at her feet. Don't judge.

I think that very well could be one of those pictures Isabella will hate when she's older. But I can't get enough!!
So yes. I totally spoke too soon. Now if you'll excuse me, my eyes seem to be watering just a little bit.

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Jessica said...

How funny! And I totally enjoyed seeing e/o yesterday evening. Time sure does fly!