Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mommy is down....I repeat....Mommy is down.

Ugh. Sickness sucks. I'm glad I made it past Christmas before being knocked down by a yucky cold. The name of the game these days......keep Bella healthy! [knock on wood]....and keep Mommy away (that part really sucks!)

We had a fantastic Christmas with the girls and with family and a bonus......SNOW!! The best kind of snow where it's all pretty on the houses and yards and it melts when it hits the streets. Santa was good to everyone and the girls had a blast opening presents. Or if you're Olivia, you opened "cresents". Way too cute to correct. We spent Christmas eve with both of our families and then had my extended family over for Christmas day dinner. Are you sitting down? I cooked the turkey. And it was good! Ha!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning. And I'm going back to bed and willing this cold to leave my body. I'll beg if I have to!

Sofia....I think both girls were more into the act of opening than playing with what was inside.

Olivia and her "crescent". She was hilarious - after a few gifts on Christmas eve, she started saying "Wow!" "Oh cool!" "Whoa!" as she was opening gifts because that's what we were doing as they were opening - haha!

Sofia and her Dora slippers. We have a hard time getting the girls to wear socks in the house so we.....ahem Santa.....thought these slippers would help. They call them shoes. I'm dreading the outburst when we don't let them wear these to MMO - ha!



"Mommy.....I have more cresents?"

Lunch at the new table...........ahem.....yes they're still in their pajamas!
Even Miss Bella was enjoying the fun..........
It's hard work being this cute........

So there you have it - a glimpse of the Christmas festivities!

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