Sunday, October 31, 2010

Superheroes and a sleepy ghost

Happy Halloween!!

I wasn't sure what was in store this Halloween -- I was going to either be extremely pregnant (and quite unhappy - ha!) or we were going to have a very new baby. Turns out we had a couple of superheroes...........
and one sleepy little ghost.......
Sofia was Supergirl and Olivia was Wondergirl and of course you've met our cute little ghost!! We had a great time this evening -- all the cousins came over so the house was full of cute little costumes and there was pizza and Halloween activities and sugar highs even before we started trick-or-treating! I wasn't sure if the girls were going to put on their costumes - I had tried earlier in the day and both of them gave me a big "No thanks!" and ran away- haha - but I think peer pressure prevailed. Once they saw Carter putting his costume on, they wanted theirs on too.
Our plan was to visit a few of our neighbors on the cul-de-sac -- we wanted the girls to have the trick-or-treating experience but they (and we) certainly didn't need a lot of candy.....well - any candy for that matter - haha! And besides......I wasn't even going to try walking farther than a few of our neighbors. So we go to the first house and Sofia wants to hold my hand but she's excited to walk up the steps. Olivia.....wasn't having any part of walking so D was carrying her. We go to the door and chat with the neighbors and coach Sofia to say"trick-or-treat!" ---- SO cute! Olivia still doesn't want to participate until she sees the candy......then it's "I wanna candy!!!" I would have been embarrassed except they're two.....and two-year-olds can get away with that's cute even - ha! Both girls are polite, though, so we didn't even have to ask them to say thank you.
Olivia finally warmed up to the idea after realizing walking to the next house meant she got "mo candy".....but after a few houses she was ready to go home. "I go to Livie's house and watch Dora." She actually said that - haha! So we head back to our house except that Sofia wants to continue on --- so we send her on with Grandma and the rest of the group and D, Olivia and I head back to our house.
What a fun evening although D and I are both now sitting here worn out and I'm willing Isabella to eat at midnight and then have one of her marathon sleeping times - haha!
I'll leave you with a couple more pictures including a family picture.........and I must say...please excuse how rough I look - ha!

Sofia --- even Supergirl has to accessorize!
Olivia with the pre-trick-or-treating treats!
Family picture! I think this one may actually be our first.......

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