Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day down.....many more to go!

So today was the big day. Mother's (ahem Daddy's) Morning Out. I had been giving D pep talks since Thursday so he would be ready. I should have spent more time on the pep talks to myself! We started the morning off with a favorite breakfast all the while talking about how we were going to go and play "at school". Sofia seemed in to it...Olivia just wanted to eat her waffles and bananas.
Of course.....I tried to get pictures before leaving, but the girls weren't having it. We made the mistake of handing them their lunch boxes and it was all over from there -- they didn't want to pose - they wanted to check out what was in the bags! So I had to take what I could get.......Olivia:
Sofia.....who, after much convincing, finally got up and headed towards the car:
As an aside.......aren't you proud of me....I dressed them differently again. What's gotten in to me??!! And before you go and get extremely proud of me for giving them different lunch boxes, I will confess. The girls have the pink ones like the one Sofia is carrying above and we've used them on various occasions. Apparently Olivia's was stored zipped with moisture inside and I tried everything to get the mildew smell out with no luck. And I discovered this last night so we had to improvise for today. Of course Pottery Barn Kids no longer carried the color to replace Olivia's. So what did we do, you may ask? Well of course I had to order both girls a new one. That matches their cute little backpacks which should be arriving any day now.
Oh come on. You didn't think I had completely changed, did you?!?!?! Bless D's heart.....he has me figured out better than I do.....before I even thought to suggest we should order both girls lunch boxes that matched their backpacks he goes "Well.....I guess you need to order Sofia one, too." after I told him they no longer had the same color to replace Olivia's. Yeah. I'm a lucky girl.
So. Back to our morning. We pack up and head to the church, arriving a little early. The girls are happily watching Dora (yeah - I so gave in on that one - usually Dora doesn't come out when we're going 5 mins down the road) and D is pondering what we're about to have to do......
He's thinking maybe it's not such a good ideal after all! After one more (unsuccessful) attempt to get a "first day" picture:
We headed inside. The girls were happily toddling across the parking lot but when we got to the door of the church, they both decided they didn't want to walk. I try very hard to not pick them up (I know my doctors appreciate that!) but I couldn't help it today. We take them to their classroom and it's a whirlwind of putting bags and lunch boxes in cubbies and handing over crying babies. We gave them a kiss, said "I love you and we'll be back soon" and left the room. As we were walking away, we could hear the girls crying and Olivia was saying "Daddy! Daddy!"
Break. My. Heart.
I held it together until we walked outside. And then the tears came. And came. And came. I could blame it on being pregnant....but no. I'll own this one!! I definitely should have given myself more pep talks!!!
I had taken today off so D and I went for breakfast, ran some errands and made it back to the church with about 20 mins before it was time to go in and get the girls. We sat there....watching the clock....and finally D couldn't stand it anymore so we headed in. One of the teachers was putting the kids' bags outside when we walked up and she told us the girls cried off and on for quite a bit, but they settled down. They colored during coloring time. They played. They ate lunch well. When it was time for a ride in the "bye bye buggy" outside, Olivia happily jumped in.....Sofia didn't want to ride so she walked beside it, holding one of the teacher's hands. That one didn't surprise us -- she's not much in to rides!
When we stood in the doorway, the girls were together and were playing with a matchbox car set and were doing just fine. We called their names and when they saw us we got huge smiles along with "Mommy! Daddy!"
So all in all, I think it was a good day. And I think they're going to do just fine. Ahem.....and so will I!!!!

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Jessica said...

Glad to hear you two "made" it! It will get easier, I promise! :)