Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tell me what you want

This little girl is full of personality. And drama............Ya think??!!!
We had the following conversation on Sunday:

O: (running up to me) "Mommy......take a baff?"
Me: "You want to take a bath?"
O: (Nods head "Yes")
Me: "Well okay then.....let's go take a bath" (excited...she's hot and cold when it comes to bath time so when she asks for it, you better believe we're hitting the tub!)

We get in the bath. There is talking. Singing. Identifying letters.
O: (After about 20 mins) "All done, Mommy"
Me: "Okay - we can get out, but we have to wash your body and hair first"
O: (stands up and holds on to the tub bar so I can bathe her) "Take a baff!!"

I bathe Olivia and Sofia all while they're still singing and chattering away. We get out of the tub and get wrapped in towels, and I drain the water from the tub.
O: "Bye bye, take a baff! All clean!"

Hahahahaha. I love that she told me she wanted to take a bath. I love that both girls are starting to be able to tell us what they want and don't want......usually what they don't want "No lunch, Mommy." "No nap, Daddy" - haha. That doesn't mean they always tell us what they want, though.
Yesterday, Olivia had a tantrum of epic proportions. It was the craziest thing...one minute she's laughing and running and playing with her cousins and Sofia and it's like a switch flipped in a matter of seconds. She stops in the doorway to the kitchen and begins a meltdown that lasts probably 30 minutes. She wants Daddy. She wants Mommy. She wants mac and cheese. She doesn't want mac and cheese. On and on. I try calming her down and asking what she wants. Nothing I ask her seems to be what she wants. I try ignoring her.....which works, but there are too many people over for her to be completely ignored. It was unbelievable! She finally sits on D's lap and proceeds to devour her dinner....and when she sees the other kids playing, happily proclaims "All done! Get down!" and gets back to playing.
Wow. That's all I can say. Drama.

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