Thursday, May 27, 2010

My sweet baby girls are 2 (pictures in post below)

Dear Olivia,
You've come a long way this year......we watched your sister reach mobility milestones weeks before you and we knew you would get there in your own sweet time, and then you really surprised us by taking your first steps just one day after Sofia. You were so proud of yourself as you took off walking across the kitchen and you haven't looked back. You've developed quite the shy streak and it takes you a few minutes to warm up to new environments, but once you've had some time to adjust, there's no stopping you! We still consider you our little throw a temper tantrum like a little pro but your smiles and giggles are just as big. And the talking. Wow with the talking!! Your favorite game right now is repeating everything we makes questions to you a little impossible but your sweet little voice is so precious it makes me smile even when you answer my question with the same question. Your Daddy has always used "Baby" when talking and referring to me.....and now for you and Sofia too....and you've picked this up too. No matter what the question or phrase, you find a way to end it with "Baby". "No, Baby!" "Bless you, Baby!" I typically don't like it when you tell us "no", but hearing "No, Baby" still brings a smile to our face.

You love books. You will sit for what seems like hours and flip through books or magazines. Just tonight, you were crying when I put you to bed and I finally realized it was because you wanted the book that was on the floor. I put the book in your bed and you rolled to your tummy and closed your eyes.

You love the camera. Any chance to give your sweet smile that crinkles your nose just slightly is taken and you loudly proclaim "Cheeeeeese!"

You can count to ten (and further, just not always in order) in English and Spanish and you love to draw. We have these big writing pads and you will pull them out while telling us "draw!" Of course when we get the crayons out, we get a "Thank you, baby!"

You also love puzzles. We have a few puzzles and you'll sit there forever working to get the puzzle pieces in the right place. You've gotten to the point now where you can pick up puzzle pieces, look at them, look at the board, and find the correct place for the piece on the first try. I know I'm biased and all, but I think that's just the coolest thing!

And Dora. Oh my goodness Dora. You absolutely love Dora cartoons and you can name every character in the opening. For you and Sofia both, you will sit on the couch and zone out to Dora any time we let you. I love it when I look up and you're leaning back with your hands behind your head.

This year is bringing many exciting things.....a new baby sister, starting a mother's morning out program....and on and on. I look forward to watching you continue to grow this year and I know it will be full of laughter at all the funny things you will be doing and saying.

Happy second birthday, my sweet baby girl.
Love, Mommy

Dear Sofia,
Happy birthday, my sweet Pia. Just like your sister, this year has been a big one for you with learning to walk and starting to talk. It seems like you were walking for only a few weeks and then all of a sudden you were running everywhere you went. It's the cutest thing - you get this look on your face that's a smile but also determination and you take off running across the house. It's exhausting keeping up with you but it still makes me smile to see you dashing across the kitchen.

I love that you and Olivia have really started to bond with eachother this year. You play together very well....that's not to say that you don't fight, because you definitely have your moments with eachother, but more often than not the two of you play together very well. And you're so sweet to eachother. The other day I asked you to bring Olivia's juice to her and instead of putting your juice down, we watched you determined to carry both cups at the same time. You brought the juice to Olivia and said "Here you go, Sissy" as you gave it to her. So sweet and it makes me so proud to see that we're raising sensitive and caring girls.

You have the sweetest smile and you're usually the one who greets me when I get home from work. I can usually count on walking through the door and seeing you standing there with your sweet smile and "Hi Mommy!".

You don't have the patience that Olivia has to sit and work puzzles and read books. You much prefer riding the little pink car through the kitchen and up and down the foyer hallway stopping only when the kitchen cabinets get in your way. You've figured out how to push yourself really fast and we'll hear you coming down the hall and when you cross into the kitchen you're usually leaning back holding your feet up for maximum speed.

You've developed quite the throwing arm and a good soccer kick. Your Daddy is excited about both although I think he's quite proud of your soccer kick. There's a ladybug bouncy ball that looks about as big as you are and you'll spend forever tossing and kicking the ball around the kitchen. You also love to toss the ball to me and chasing it when I throw it over your head through the kitchen. You have quite the giggle as you take off running after it. Of course you're there any other way?!?!

Like Olivia, you love to draw. At first we were convinced that both of you were going to be left-handed, but you clearly haven't made up your mind. I love to watch you coloring and switching hands as you change crayons. I've even caught you coloring with both hands at the same time! You do this quite often, actually.

You're not shy at all and you're quick to smile and wave at people when we're out in public.

We did have one experience we were hoping we wouldn't have to deal with. On Easter Sunday we noticed you were having trouble breathing and we ended up taking you to the emergency room. Twice. After the first visit we learned you had pneumonia but they sent us home with antibiotics and orders to stay hydrated and for rest. We noticed your breathing getting harder so we took you back to the ER.....and this time you were admitted. It broke my heart to know you were having trouble breathing and to see your little body, complete with IV in your arm, laying in the crib. Your Daddy and I felt so helpless. We noticed a huge change after 2 good days of fluids and strong antibiotics and you finally came home on your third day in the hospital. That was the first time you and Olivia had ever been apart from eachother and we heard from Grandma that Olivia was walking around the house calling for you. And just as often, you would look up at us and say " it?" That was your way of asking for your sister. Double heartbreak!!! But we got through it and you're back to your old, healthy self!!

I could go on and on about the big year you've had. I'm so excited to see what next year brings and can't wait to watch you and your sister grow together.

I love you, my sweet baby girl.


I can't believe the girls turned 2 today. The whole experience before we had before they were born, and their time in the NICU, seems so long ago......yet 2 years have flown by so fast. They were born at 5:07om and 5:08pm and I remember being so scared when they were born. They were too early and so tiny and we had no clue what the future had in store. Today, around 5:07 and 5:08pm (and for a few minutes after that), I was chasing Olivia around the living room trying to change her clothes and listening to the girls cry because I had mixed up the colors of skirts between them. Quite the difference, right?!?!?! We did get dressed and we continued on our way out the door, but as I realized what time it was, I couldn't to think back to that time 2 years before.

My heart is so full when I think about the last 2 years. The first year brought all kinds of milestones. The second year also came with 2 big milestones.....walking and talking. The girls are talking up a storm and I think it has totally brought out their little personalities. This age is so much fun.....and we're going on the hope that the "terrible twos" is just a myth - haha!

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