Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vocabulary II

How about a little vocab update, shall we?

Ra-Ra (my sister....when we're talking on the phone, the girls switch between 'Hi Papa' and 'Hi Ra-Ra'.............the other day, Olivia also looked at a picture and pointed to my sister and said 'Ra-Ra!')

Get out! (said to Barley when he comes in their room....although - in the morning when they wake up, who do you think they call for? Mommy? Daddy? Um no. Several times we've heard them over the monitor saying "Baaaaaahhhhley! Baaaaaahhhhley!")

monkey (mokey.....D has started saying "Hi monkey" to them so they've picked up mokey...although it's a toss up - my parent's dog is Smokey so the could be saying that, too!)

good girl (goo gul -- Sofia says this often when she does something good - ha!)

yucky (acky --- said when they put anything in their mouth they're not supposed to)

eyes (as they stick their finger into whomever's eye they're identifying)
mouth (mout)
(these are the body parts they know...and they'll point to the correct body part)

light (wight --- Olivia has taken a liking to pointing out the lights in the house. She goes to the middle of the room, looks up and points and proclaims "Wight!")

excuse me ('cuse me --- Olivia says this the most. The first time I heard her say it, she was walking through the kitchen and Barley bumped in to her as he was going by.....and she said "Cuse me!")

thank you (tak ew -- they both say thank you in the correct context. Olivia also says thank you when she takes something she's not supposed to know -- because politeness cancels everything else out, right?!?!)

achoo (I think they picked this up from Dora (ugh. that's another post for another day!) - there was an episode where the characters were sneezing all over the place so now the girls walk around saying "Achooo" and then "Bess ew" (bless you))

(you're) welcome (Olivia has picked this up and says it on occasion.....mostly when you give her something she says "Tak ew" and then "wacum")

Papa / Grandma (they've been saying Papa for quite a while and Grandma has begun, usually after hearing us say it. "Hi Gama")

Pia (pea-uh - our nickname for Sofia --- I said "Hi Pia" one day and they spent the rest of the afternoon repeating "hi Pia" over and over

baby (baybee-they both say this, but Olivia uses this at the end of everything...."tak ew, baybee" "bess ew, baybee" "hi baybee!")

go Pia / go baby (we were getting them to dance one night and my sister and I started saying "Go Pia! Go Pia! and "Go Livie! Go Livie!" and *poof* they picked it right up. The other night, I put the girls to bed and as I was sitting on the couch I heard Sofia over the monitor..."Go Pia! Go Pia!" absolutely hilarious!)

And, of course, they repeat anything and everything you say to them ---- it's hilarious and amazing to hear all of these words coming out of their little mouths. My babies are growing up!!

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