Sunday, January 17, 2010


I thought I'd get a post in before now, but work has been crazy. I told you it would be, right?! I'm so glad D and the girls are able to travel with me and I think it's somewhat of a break for D....he doesn't have the house or Barley to take care of. All is well with us. My mom visited for the weekend, although I worked all day Saturday. We had some time today before she went home. And now we're starting it all over again. Such is life in the accounting world!

Since the girls have started walking, their talking has really taken off as well. The PT told us to expect everything to just converge, and boy has it ever! I've said before that I've never wished each stage away - that I wanted to enjoy each one as it came, but I've been looking forward to when they started talking to hear the funny things they would say. And they have not disappointed! Here's a list of the words or phrases the girls are saying fairly regularly:

Hi baby!
No no no (used in the correct context both on themselves when they're doing something wrong, or when calling eachother out when the other is doing something wrong)
Hi gorgeous (Hi gor-gus)
Baca (spanish for cow)
Bless you (bass you -- Sofia said to Olivia when she sneezed)
Yogurt (yo-go)
I love You (I uv you)
I'm gonna get you (I get you)
Hi Sissy (to eachother.....although Mom....if you're reading this.......I'm not a huge fan!!)
Go! (to Barley when he's in their way.....apparently we say this alot!)
yes (yeah)
si (yes in spanish)
night night (nie nie....both when we ask them if they want to go and sometimes when they're ready, they tell us on their own)
ball (baw)
bath (baf)
bye bye!
hello (hewo)
more (mo ...and usually with the sign for more)
Barley (barbie and many times "hi barbie!")
yeah baby (i have no clue where Olivia got this from!)
shoes (and they also put the shoes on their feet)

Whew! That's all I can think of at the moment....and that's a lot of talking!! And as you can see.....all that talking makes for tired babies...............
And with that, I'm out of here.... we're watching the Golden Globes and Olivia is clapping every time she hears the clapping on the television - ha!!

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