Thursday, January 7, 2010


Santa and the grandparents and aunts and uncles were quite generous this year. My girls haven't been around for very long but wow -- they sure were good this year! So good that we could open our very own toy store! It's funny - when we bought our house, it was definitely bigger than what we needed. Way too much space for 2 people. How quickly things change, right?!?! Our living space is over flowing and we need more space!!

So. We got creative and did a little transforming. The room behind our kitchen is our morning room. Why it's not a sunroom, I don't know, but morning room it is. Here is how our morning room before Christmas.

After Christmas, we did a little rearranging and turned the morning room into a playroom. Um...morning playroom? Anyway - playroom nonetheless. See?
The great thing is how the toys, which becomes quite a mess during the day, stays hidden from the rest of the house.
Well. Until the toys sprout legs and make their way into the other rooms. Toys can do that, you know!

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