Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa.........

I've been good this year, haven't I? I mean....sure - I'm not quite on time like I used to be and I'm learning that I need more patience, but nobody's perfect, right? I've still been pretty good....wouldn't you say? I'm sure you're not offended that we didn't come by and see you this year to have our picture taken with you.....I'm only thinking of your ears......and everyone else's (see.....always thinking of others...that counts, right?!?!)

So. Since I've been pretty good, there's just one thing I'd like you to bring me this year.........

Can you please please please bring me back my sleeping babies?????? It's not much to ask, is it? You put them to bed at night and they stay there, quietly, until morning. Simple, right??

It would be my best Christmas present ever.

Love (and begging),


P.S. - We have a fireplace but we don't have a chimney. It's a vent. You'll most definitely get stuck. But I'll leave the fireplace off anyway, just in case you want to try. I'll leave a key for you. Heck - I'll just leave the door open for you. Whatever I can do to make it easy for you to get to my Christmas tree this year.

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