Saturday, November 28, 2009

The sick house......again.

Miss Sofia has been under the weather again......

You can see it in her little eyes. A trip to the pediatrician yesterday confirmed nothing serious, although thoughts of the flu did cross my mind with as quickly as all of her symptoms came on and especially when a fever started. She started vomiting around midnight and either I or D was up with her all night.

I did learn that Sofia is definitely quite the trooper when she's sick. So far she's had an ear infection, then a double ear infection, and now this stomach bug - all within a month and a half, and usually you have to pay close attention to her to know she's sick. This time the symptoms were quite obvious but she was very calm and fairly quiet. She had no energy but she wasn't much of a crier throughout the night. She cried the most when we were only able to give her a couple of teaspoons of liquids at a time.

She's feeling much better - by last night she was up and playing every now and then and she was able to eat a few cheerios and take on more fluids. I'm crossing my fingers that Olivia stays healthy..........Olivia is so not a good sick person!! But she's cute, right?!?!

After calling the after hours # at the pediatrician's office, D set out for Pedialyte. At 2am. On Black Friday. I assured him the local WMart was open and it was. Since their sales did not start until some time later, D said there were people sitting around in the aisles around the electronics section....just camping out. Apparently there was a really good deal on a television. Lucky for D, no one was shopping so he was able to run in and out, but I was talking to him on the phone as he was walking through the store -- I suggested he pick up some laundry detergent (as I was staring at the mountain of laundry Sofia had created within the last couple of hours) and he told me he wasn't about to step over and around all the people who were camping out - haha.

Needless to say - the three of us were exhausted yesterday. D and I tag-teamed Olivia who was a bundle of energy and took turns napping with Sofia.......

Here's hoping today brings rest and happy babies!!

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