Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monkey see....monkey do.

It's so interesting to me to watch the girls interact with eachother and, lately, copy eachother's actions. We noticed it first when they were eating. One would reach for her sippy cup for a drink....the other would watch and then reach for her own cup. Now we're starting to notice it as they play together as well. Quite cute and interesting.

On this particular evening, Sofia (in the polka dots) grabbed her drink and managed to get her feet up and rest them on the entertainment center. Olivia watched as Sofia had a drink and tapped her feet on the doors. After a bit of watching, Olivia crawled away to find her cup and returned next to Sofia. After a few minutes of awkward twists and turns....backwards crawling and tumbling over, Olivia managed to end up side by side with Sofia......tapping her feet.


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