Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great day for a trip to the park

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.....and what better way to spend it than hitting the slides at the park?! The girls and I met my sister and Carter and my mom and spent an hour and a half in the sunshine. The girls had their first real slide experience.......well - they weren't unattended, but we introduced them to the slides and they enjoyed a trip down on the lap of an adult -- and they loved it! (See clapping below - and just know that when Olivia claps, it's usually accompanied by "Yay!!"). Mr. Carter had a blast as well.

D and I are afraid that Sofia still has an ear infection. She started running a fever today and then after her bath, as I was drying her hair and ears, she cringed and started crying when I rubbed one of her ears. Poor kid - I know it's not great being sick....and we just finished her antibiotics last week for the diagnosed ear infection in the same ear. D's calling the doctor tomorrow......this is going on 3 weeks of sickness in the house. Olivia is still on her antibiotic from Halloween, although I must admit -- she's back to her smiley and happy self.......we're all thankful for that!!

Hopefully we can knock the rest of this sickness out!

Here are a few pictures from the park today.....Sofia's in the purple hoodie and Olivia is in the pink hoodie.

All those laughs and smiles and claps led to yawns and naps! What a great day.

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