Sunday, October 11, 2009

How did my shoes do that??

" did my shoes do that?!?!?!"

It's so neat to watch the girls learn things. After going all summer hardly wearing anything on their feet, we've purchased shoes for this fall, although apparently these shoes will still be more of an accessory instead of a necessity. Our PT told us they that while they are learning to walk, they should be barefoot probably at least 80% of the time so that they can "feel the floor" beneath their feet. But! They do need shoes on those cute little feet when we go out, right?!?!

Since they have started wearing shoes, it's been so funny to watch them -- whenever they see shoes - their shoes or anyone's shoes - they try to put them on their feet. Case in point (Olivia's wearing pink, Sofia's wearing white):

Cute, right?!?! It's a big help when we're trying to put their socks and shoes on. We bring the socks and shoes out and four little feet stick straight up in the air - haha!
This weekend certainly flew by. The girls have a few new tricks --- Sofia has started learning that she can stand by herself. Daniel or I (or tonight it was Papa) will lay on the floor and she will come over to use and stand up. Then she'll get her balance and let go of us and stand there with this huge grin on her face until she feels like she's losing her balance and she leans over to hold on again. It's funny - I think she gets scared and reaches for something to hold on before she even loses her balance. All in good time. All in her time.
Both girls are.....well.....what to call it...."walking on their knees". They started on their hands and knees and then would go up to kneeling. Once they got comfortable with that, they started "walking" across the floor on their knees. The funny thing about that is that when they lose their balance they fall right into a crawling position and keep moving on. I've not gotten pictures of that yet, but hopefully I'll be able to get some soon. Everyone should get to laugh like we do!!!!
That's about all from here. Getting ready for the work where did I put those lottery numbers.................

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