Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goin' for a boat ride

I took the girls to the lake for the first time this past Sunday. My parents have a boat and, since D already had plans, we packed it up and headed to the lake. I must admit -- I wasn't sure how this trip was going to go. The heat was against us (more for me than them - haha!)....I knew there would be little napping....I wasn't sure if they would be afraid of the noise from the boat motor........oh - and did I mention teething? I'm sure I did. Can I remind you that it's FOUR teeth EACH? So yeah - you understand my concern.

We went with my parents, my sister and brother-in-law and Carter, and my grandmother. I wasn't worried about having enough hands for the girls! As a matter of fact - I didn't need my hands much all day - haha! And I must say -- although it felt like a lot of running around until we all got settled(it's definitely a process to go anywhere, but gearing up for the lake was especially a process!) -- it was a great day! Despite the heat, we had a beach area where, when we sat in the shade at the treeline, it was actually nice and comfortable. My dad took Olivia for a dip in the water and, as soon as her toes hit the water, he cried. He declared her afraid of the water and took her back to her place in the shade - haha. In the meantime, I took Sofia out in her float. My sister had borrowed this huge "floating island" that we anchored just off the shore and she and I sat on / in it with Sofia and Carter for quite a while. Sofia splashed in the section where she could sit in the water and was totally content.

They did great on the boat ride over and back. Sofia loved it. She clapped and squealed. Olivia wasn't a huge fan -- I don't think she liked the wind blowing on her. We sat with our backs to the wind so it wasn't blowing in their face but Olivia didn't care. However, once the boat stopped moving, she smiled and started jabbering. We even managed a nap! Of course -- Mommy spent 20 minutes trying to get them to lay still on the blanket so they could fall asleep..........and finally Grandma comes over and within 5 minutes, they were out.

Happy babies = a great day!!

Here are a few pics:

Setting up......we eventually moved everything back to the shade and it was nice.
Sofia on the ride back.....she was exhausted. Look at that hair!!!

Olivia and Nana

Tired baby!

Yaaaaaaaaay boat ride!!!

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