Sunday, July 12, 2009


We spent the afternoon at our neighborhood pool. Despite the look on Sofia's face in the pictures below, the girls had a great time. They stayed in the water pretty much from the time we got there to the time we left. We tried to take them out for a nap in the shade, but Olivia nixed that idea pretty quickly - so back in the water they went!

We bought these cute little floats before we went to the beach. The girls can sit in them and there's also a little sun shade that attaches. The kiddie pool in our neighborhood is a foot deep and it's perfect - when the girls are in their floats, they can stand up and push themselves all over the pool. They do fine in the adult pool as well, but I think they enjoy the small pool where they can control where they go.

Here are a few pictures from today. As I said - Sofia has "that look" but she had a great time. She was moving all over the pool and was always interested in the other kids when they were in there with her. I had to really watch Olivia - she loved to try to drink the water and sometimes would put her face too far in the water. It took her a while to remember that she could stand up - for a while she would lean back and let her feet float in front of her. We realized they could reach the bottom of the kiddie pool the last time we were there -- and we realized, too late, that they scraped their feet on the bottom. This time, though, I was prepared with these cute little jelly shoes I had found and they wore them while they swam.

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