Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ah to be the weekend. It's been a good one so far - here's looking forward to another great day. The girls are doing great. On Thursday, D left the girls with his sister for a couple of hours so he could run some errands. (Who wants to sit with little ones at the DMV, right??). Although it's still family, it's the first time we've left the girls with someone other than our parents. I was interested to see how they were going to do and I was glad to hear it when D said they didn't even cry when he left. I knew they would have a good time playing with Daniela and Gabriela, and that Tia E. would take very good care of them. It was funny, though - D said when we went to pick them up, Olivia was mad at him. He said she wouldn't look at him or smile at him for a few minutes. I guess payback has to come somewhere, right?!?!

D also noticed that Sofia was quite interested in a doll at Tia E's house and that night he told me he wanted to buy a doll for them. "They need to start playing with girl toys" he says. It's funny to me that he would think of things like that - he's not implying that we need to direct them to be more girly - he just wants to make sure they have toys that little girls play with in addition to all the other toys with the music and the colors and the lights. So - off we went this evening to Target in search of their very first baby dolls. I wasn't sure what we would find - it's been forever since I've been in search of a doll, but I knew what he was looking for. Go figure that we find the perfect doll that's just their size......and it's actually twins!! Twin dolls for twin babies - haha! So of course we have to purchase them. We brought them home and I proceed to remove all potentially hazardous objects......little socks, little plastic pacifier, little head bands -- and the dolls were a hit. For about 5 minutes. Although - I've baby time, 5 minutes of full attention to one object is a good thing!! (p.s. - it's also a toy that makes absolutely no noise -- bonus!!)

Sofia is all over the place now. I've taken to moving our ottoman to help block off the family room to keep her contained. Her newest find has been Barley's food and water bowls. They are in a little stand in the kitchen and several times today I've seen her make her way over there for those bowls. She's also taken to pestering Barley. I had to go in to work today for a bit and D called me and told me that Sofia wouldn't leave Barley alone! She pesters him by taking his favorite toys...(as an aside - I can tell you I almost passed out the other day when D actually sat there and let Sofia play with one of Barley's toys. If you know D, then you know exactly what I'm talking about! He just looked at me and shrugged and said "What can you do?") so she takes his toys and it's so interesting to watch Barley try to get them back. He's so careful with her and you can tell he's not going at her very hard. We do make him stop when he starts pawing at her -- he doesn't realize how his claws can hurt. She also seems to follow him around the kitchen. She'll make her way over to him and try to grab his collar. He'll get up and move elsewhere. She'll watch him and then make her way over to his new location and try to pull the fur on his paws....he'll get up and move elsewhere. And repeat. It's hilarious, but I know Barley just wants a nap!! And it'll only get worse!!

Olivia is getting better and better on her tummy. She actually tolerates it for much longer periods of time these days and she's getting better at entertaining herself. She pushes up on her arms but she's not yet figured out how to go forward. She's great at going backwards and also at spinning herself around. She usually pushes herself backwards until she's reached a piece of furniture or a wall and then she's content to stay there.

So here's the foreshadowing part. I've mentioned this toy the girls have - it's an activity center with a little chair attached and they can "walk" around the table when in the chair. I call it the round-about toy. Both girls enjoy playing in it. The other day, Olivia was playing in the round-about toy while Sofia made her way around the kitchen. She kept getting closer and closer to Olivia. I had the video camera out because Olivia had been pushing herself backwards and just happened to get this funny clip. Excuse my talking - I wasn't in my "official filming" mode when I try not to talk behind the camera - haha!

So.........foreshadowing? I hope not! By the way.....I had to put the camera down to help so I missed the part where Olivia started clapping. Ha!

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