Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Then and Now

First family picture - June 2008 / First birthday picture - May 2009

Girls with their bears - June 2008 / Girls with their (same) bears - May 2009 (I love this set!)

Girls with Mommy - July 2008 / Girls with Mommy - May 2009

Girls in bathtub together - June 2008 (yes...that's your standard infant tub....and they're in it.....together.....with room to spare!) / Girls in bathtub together - May 2009 (first "grown up" bath together)!

First night in crib - August 2008 (Sofia first, then Olivia) / Sleeping in crib - May 2009 (Sofia first, then Olivia)

Preemie onesie they wore when they came home in July 2008 / 9-month onesie they wear now!

Diapers they wore when they were born (left. if you enlarge the picture you'll see that tiny diaper is only 4" tall!) and size 3 diaper they wear now.

Footprints from the day they were born - May 2008 / Feet now - May 2009 (if only you knew what I had to do to get one foot in a picture.....you'll just have to trust me that all 4 feet are the same size now!!)

This one doesn't have a "now" match here....I just loved this picture from then and how you can see how little they are with my hands next to them. . We've come a long way, babies!

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Jessica said...

OMG...I am tearing up reading/looking at these!