Monday, March 30, 2009

Her future's so bright................

We arrived early to our last RSV appt. last week so we hung out in the car. Sofia needed shades. I love the second picture where she's looking at D --- hilarious!! That is what we've come to know as classic Sofia.

Geesh - two posts in a row about Sofia.....where's Olivia, you may be asking? She's right here!
Those aren't taken in the front seat.....but you knew that!
So - we took a big step yesterday......we went out to dinner with the girls!! I know we did that before when we had dinner outside downtown, but this was our first trip to a restaurant......and it was goooooood. The girls were awesome - although we practically had the entire restaurant to ourselves so had they cried, it wouldn't have disturbed anyone!! We sat their carseats in the booth next to us and there they sat......heads moving back and forth with each raise of the fork - hahaha. It was so nice to get out.
Speaking of getting out, before dinner we were out and about yesterday and the girls were in their carseats in the stroller --- so they were facing the same way - they had on the same coats, etc. etc. A gentleman looked at them and loudly proclaimed "They're identical." It wasn't a question - it was a statement. The he asked us how we told them apart......."Well - they look different." To which he replied "No they don't.....they're identical." <"You're right.....we just guess."> -haha. I'm only kidding with the sarcasm -- it was just so funny how he was so matter of fact. To his point, though - the girls were facing the same way, had the same coats on and had their heads tilted the same way giving him the same "I think you're crazy" look - haha.
As an aside -- since we've not been out and about much with the girls, I find it a little unnerving how much attention we seem to get. I don't mean that in a rude way - I turn my head when I see triplets or more - but since I've never really experienced it that much, it made me a little nervous. More than once people tried to stop us so they could look (although the shades on the carseats were practically covering them up completely) and after one or two, I realized I just had to say "Hello" or "How are you" and keep walking --- otherwise we wouldn't have gotten anywhere! Then I caught myself walking and not making eye contact with anyone so I wouldn't have to feel like I was being rude by not stopping. I know I'll get over it, and it's really not a big deal - I'm proud to show off my girls!! - it was just.....different.

Ummmm....that's all I have! I have some hilarious pictures on my camera of the girls eating cookies. Well - "cookies" - teething cookies! Coming soon!

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Jessica said...

Glad to "see" you guys had a nice dinner out.

Can totally relate to the "attention" comment. We avoid all eye contact too. Some may think we are being rude, but hey! We just want to get our shopping/walking/whatever finished in a reasonable amount of time!!