Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're here!

We arrived to our hotel room yesterday evening around 6pm and it took a while to get settled. D made 3....yes three.... trips from the car to the room to get all of our stuff upstairs. I went to the grocery store......D unpacked. All is good! The girls slept great in their pack-n-plays. D seemed to sleep pretty well (although we've gone from a king bed to a queen bed.......not.very.cool.) Barley and I, however, were up half the night. Me because I kept getting up and checking on the girls and Barley because he was still getting used to his surroundings. We're both dragging this evening. Hopefully sleep will come easier tonight.

We woke to a couple of inches of snow! Everything was so pretty. No pictures, though - by the time I got back from work, a good part of it had melted. It was crazy - snow fell most of the morning and then after lunch, the sun came out and everything melted.

That's all I have! Until next time!

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