Monday, January 26, 2009

Sitting up!

So.........the girls aren't too fond of rolling over but guess what they do like to do? Yep - sitting up!! We've been watching them for a while now - when they're in their carseats or bouncy seats they have started leaning forward. Tonight I was sitting on the mat with them and had Olivia first. I was sitting with my legs around her and my feet were at her back and she was playing with a toy........and she just sat there! Their new thing is also shaking toys that make noise and she was quite in to it and I don't think she realized she was sitting up. She would catch herself when she started leaning forward or backward -- she sat for a few minutes!!!

When it was Sofia's turn, she was sitting the same way - with my legs around her and my feet at her back. And she sat!! She was looking at D and smiling and could also catch herself when she started going forward!!

How cool is that!

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