Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little Monsters

I say that with all the love in the world for my 2 sweet baby girls. Look at these sweet faces......
(Sofia-L - Olivia-R.......or, if you'd rather, Sofia has the perfect hair for a comb-over!)

Always my precious angels........Friday night my little monsters!

Both girls have been sleeping through the night for about 3 months now - they started right before I went back to work. They go to bed around 8pm and D usually wakes them up no later than 8:30am. Lately, though, they've been fighting sleep at night.

What about naps during the day, you ask? Good question. Apparently they don't like to nap. We've tried. Believe me we've tried. Pack-n-play, crib, floor, bouncy seat. Tried it all. They'll take catnaps during the day but those two-hour-long "catch your breath and get things done around the house" naps........forget it.

Friday night they both passed out in their bouncy seats and I took them upstairs to bed and they didn't move. That lasted until around 10pm when Olivia woke up screaming. Since the girls really don't cry very much (I know, I know...poor me) I'm not quite used to the really hard, lengthy, soak-the-sheets-with-tears-give-yourself-the-hiccups crying. Sofia, never one to let Olivia do things on her own, joined in shortly afterwards so I brought them downstairs. I'm usually okay with letting them cry it (mainly because they don't cry for very long) out but since they fell asleep early they didn't get their 8pm bottle and I was afraid they were either hungry or they woke up and just knew something with the bedtime routine was off.

So bottles and back to bed, right? Yeah. Not so much. Since they had gotten almost 2 hours of sleep, they were ready to go again. We rocked. We let them sit in their seats with toys. We rubbed backs. Olivia finally fell asleep and D, with a wide grin, proclaimed "Mine's asleep. I'm going upstairs." Grr. What I didn't mention is that I get up around 5am during the week so by the time 9pm rolls around I'm barely conscious. It's now 11:40pm and Sofia was wide awake. More rocking and finally I had to stop because I was going to sleep! Every time I said to Sofia : "You need to go to sleep, baby." She would kick her legs and move her arms and get this huge grin on her face.

Finally......I gave up. I took her upstairs where D had retired to the "Man Room" and handed her over - huge grin, kicking feet and all. She finally wore herself out and went to sleep after putting her in her crib and watching her smile and kick her feet and listening to her trying to talk.

It was actually quite hilarious and had I not been about to fall over I would have loved to sit there with her, but man-oh-man. My little monsters!!!!

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