Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Catching up!

I didn't realize it had been almost a week since I've posted anything..........things have been quite busy....let's catch up, shall we.

Meet Gabriela. Gabriela is our niece who was born yesterday at 9:40am, weighing 6lbs 7oz and she is just beautiful!! D's sister is doing well. Gabriela makes 5.....yes FIVE granddaughters for D's parents - oh my!!!

I must say - as D and I were pulling into the parking garage I felt my stomach start to knot. I guess it was the familiarity of the surroundings bringing back memories of what consumed our lives just a few short months ago. We pulled into the same parking garage......parked in one of the same parking spaces we used (end space!) and when the smell of the hospital hit me as we walked through those revolving doors, it brought tears to my eyes. You know how smells can trigger vivid memories. It was like we were walking back in time - it was the same routine. Elevator to the 6th floor. It was only when we got to take a turn down a different hallway that I finally started to feel better. A break to the routine. Of course when we were in the room with D's sister and BiL, it all felt different.....well with the exception of the smell from the soap and hand gel, but it was finally better. I was surprised I had such a strong reaction.

What else is going on........the girls are fantastic. We've noticed that they are finally reaching for toys with purpose. When they see something they want, the hands come straight to it. It's been fascinating to watch them learn things like that. When they first started to reach for things, you could see them watch the toy intently - you knew they wanted it - and then their little hands would start moving and their arms would start with "jerky" movements until their hands were touching the toy. Now they see something and, if they want it, the arms move quicker and the hands open to grab on to whatever is in front of them.

They continue to be happy babies and they've started "talking" quite a bit more. I love that they smile when they wake up and they smile when you put them to bed. Olivia makes this noise where she sounds like a screeching cat and Sofia like to make this constant "coo" that sounds like she's gargling. Too cute. They still don't seem too interested in rolling over although Sofia was almost there the other night. They were laying on their activity mats and I was working on my crafty Christmas project (more on that when I'm finished!) on the floor next to them and she was turning to watch what I was doing. She was completely on her side and all she had to do was move her top leg forward and she would have rolled to her tummy, but she went back to her back. The PT at our last follow-up clinic said she would like to see them going from back to side by around 4 months (adjusted) and then back to tummy (I think it was back to tummy) by 6 months (adjusted). We're not worried......we figure when they want to see something badly enough, it'll motivate them. They do very well with maneuvering themselves in circles when they're on the mats.

What else.......not too much else outside the norm is going on. Getting ready for Christmas and very much looking forward to 2 weeks of vacation to spend with family and friends.

I have lots of pictures to put up so I'll get back into my routine of posting more often!

Until next time.......

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