Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting the hang of it!

Tummy time comes easier these days, thank goodness! I think the girls have finally realized there's more to life than laying down all the time. Although we've been working with them (many days through the tears and screams) it seems like one day they just decided they were going to lift their heads up. Some days we still have to bribe in these pictures. The girls used to not pay much attention to the television and we usually face them away from it anyway, but the other night I was sitting with Olivia on the couch and she was facing me but was twisting her body in every way possible to try to see the television. And I think football was on?!?! The lightbulb went off and I grabbed the floor mat and boppy and "poof" - successful tummy time. Extra successful because she had to lift her head up pretty high to see the television. Sofia was a big fan, too!! Hey......sometimes you have to go with whatever works and now we know what to do in a bind. I think we'll try Baby Einstein next time, though!

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Jessica said...

Ahhh! The TV...such a double edged sword...but hey, whatever works, right?! :) We have found sports to be a favorite at our house too! Too funny!!