Monday, November 24, 2008

Funny Sofia

I'm sitting here laughing like crazy at Sofia.........she's laying on her activity mat "talking" to the animals hanging from the arches and the arms and legs are going crazy!!! She's hilarious!!! Olivia is playing a little more quietly on the other activity mat......although she's making the music play over and over.

Mom was visiting last night and after we put the girls to bed, we went to the grocery store. The girls were rubbing their eyes and starting to fall asleep when we put them to bed. Imagine my surprise when we walked back in the house and D was sitting on the couch with a baby on each side......wide awake. Apparently after we left they decided it's wasn't time for bed after all. It wasn't one of those cries to let them cry it out -- he said faces were red and the tears were pouring. The fought sleep for a bit but eventually they were o.u.t. As in they didn't flinch when we carried them upstairs and they didn't even move when we put them to bed. Second time was a charm last night! (Olivia's on the pink mat).

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